How to Return

Step 1

Go to the POS dashboard and Select SALES. Then select the transaction that needs to be returned


Step 2

Once selected the screen will show this view below right after you click the selected transaction.



Step 3

Click on Go To Order. Then look for the Burger Icon that’s located at the upper right hand corner of your screen


Step 4

Select RETURN, and choose the item/s that needs to be returned. After selecting, click NEXT.




Step 5

Choose the reason why it is returned.Then Click click OKAY.

Step 6

After hitting Okay from the previous screen, a pop up will appear. See below.




Step 7

Double check if the listed item/order on the screen to be returned is exactly the item that needs to be returned. Once done click REFUND.


Step 8

It will then automatically go back to the Orders view, with the label RETURNED on the item that the customer has returned.




Step 9