How to Return

Step 1

Go to the POS dashboard and Select SALES. Then select the transaction that needs to be returned

Step 2

Once selected the screen will show this view below right after you click the selected transaction.



Step 3

Click on Go To Order. Then look for the Burger Icon that’s located at the upper right hand corner of your screen


Step 4

Select RETURN, and choose the item/s that needs to be returned. After selecting, click NEXT.



Step 5

Choose the reason why it is returned.Then Click click OKAY.

Step 6 If it is a cash refund

After hitting Okay from the previous screen, a pop up will appear. See below.


If it is a card Refund This image will show after the image shown above. All you need to do is to click the encircle below and it will copy on the refund box next to it then click Refund.


Step 7

Double check if the listed item/order on the screen to be returned is exactly the item that needs to be returned. Once done click REFUND.

Step 8

It will then automatically go back to the Orders view, with the label RETURNED on the item that the customer has returned.



Step 9