Who We Are?

About Us

At Cliqbux, we are a team of IT Professionals that have worked with hundred of stores across the country

We started to see the problems that business ventures faced because they used standard POS system that come with features that are unable to adapt to the flow of specific business models, and this is the root of most problems that companies are facing when it comes to inventory management, employee management, reporting and accounting.

Business Development Can Be Quick & Simple With Cliqbux!

Cliqbux was founded upon the idea that today’s retail businesses, restaurants, and boutiques can adopt cutting-edge technology that makes running their businesses more efficient, more accessible, and in essence, simpler. But how? Through a cloud-based POS system that uses technology and hardware already familiar to most business owners.

At Cliqbux, our main goal is to make it easier for business owners to conduct their day-to-day routine of managing their business. When it comes to making sales, nothing is more important than a simple, easy to use POS system – one that allows customers to have a successful and enjoyable experience, and one that allows employees to easily conduct transactions like purchases, sales, and returns.

And most importantly, business owners need a simple, secure, and accessible way to receive the crucial information that they need – even when they’re away from their business. Our cloud-based solution allows business owners to access information related to sales, payroll, inventory, and so much more through the management console, which is updated in real time.

It’s the 21st century – let’s turn it up a notch and drive efficiency across the board for your business.

Our Mission

At Cliqbux, our mission is simple – we’re looking to continue to evolve the way that business owners manage their businesses, connect with consumers, and conduct transactions. In today’s world, technology is everything. It continues to evolve, grow, and offer businesses more cost-effective ways to run their day-to-day operations.

Through our cloud-based POS system solutions, we plan to continue developing, optimizing, and innovating our services, so that businesses can continue to achieve sustainable success.

Our Features

Cloud-Based POS System

Cloud technology has exploded in recent years, and for good reason! Cloud technology allows business owners to access every last bit of information that they need regarding their business, from virtually anywhere in the world! Cliqbux is fully cloud-based and offers users unlimited accessibility.

Supports iOS and Android

There’s a reason why many businesses have switched over to Apple-based systems, because iOS is one of the most user-friendly and business-friendly operating systems that the world has ever seen. Drive efficiency in your business through all of the advanced features that iOS has to offer through our provided iPad POS systems.

For those who prefer Windows or Android operating systems, you can be sure that Cliqbux won’t leave you behind! Because a wide range of our users prefer Windows or Android OS over Apple, we’ve been working hard to continue evolving and optimizing our product, so that we can continue to support the operating systems that our users prefer.

Cayan API Integrations

As one of the business world’s most popular payment solutions, Cliqbux is proud to offer the ability to integrate Cayan API directly into your new POS system. Always be sure that you’re offering your customers the very best customer experience possible through a simple payment system.

Inventory Management

Easily access your inventory numbers directly through Cliqbux. Because we are a cloud-based POS system, your inventory is automatically updated as soon as a customer makes a purchase or completes a return! Never lose track of your products – and with Cliqbux, we’ll take care of it all!

Management Console

When it comes to making Cliqbux more accessible for business owners, we’ve worked to develop an advanced Management Console that allows business owners the ability to easily access every last piece of information related to their business operations directly through a single, fully integrated back-end solution. Make managing your business easier than ever before through Cliqbux!


Tailored Hardware Solutions

It’s certainly been said before – no two businesses are ever alike. And for that very reason, we’re proud to work with our clients to ensure that we provide you with the right type of hardware that works best for your business.

Our tailored hardware and software solution is a fully customized Point of Sale (POS) tool that can cater to small and mid-sized enterprises. Unlike the other alternatives today geared towards larger entities and corporations, we take pride in providing support to the SMEs in the world.

At the end of the day, our job is to help you make your business run more efficiently. To do that, we always consult with our clients to help identify their hardware needs before working to install and implement Cliqbux into their various businesses because in a world that is becoming increasingly focused on customization and personalization, we want Cliqbux to be your uniquely tailored, bespoke point of sale solution.

The All-In-One POS Solution

Driving efficiency is key when it comes to effective business development. Now, whether you’re a restaurant, a boutique, or a specialized retail store, you can drive efficiency and profits all across the board simply by implementing an all-in-one POS solution like Cliqbux.

With a seamlessly integrated management console, you can manage all aspects of your business directly through one of the hottest tech devices to ever hit the market, the iPad! Staged entirely on the Cloud, access crucial information directly through a fully optimized back-end solution.

Forget about the old days of separate systems and devices for separate tasks – this is the future. This is the digital age. This is Cliqbux!