A Smarter POS System

Manage Your Business More Efficiently Than Ever With Our
Cloud-Based POS

A Smarter POS System Designed For Today’s Businesses

Cliqbux is prepared to revolutionize the Point of Sale experience of thousands of businesses with our brand new, user-intuitive cloud-based iPad experience. In today’s business climate, businesses need a simpler, more reliable, and more accessible point of sale system that makes it easier for them to manage all aspects of their business through a seamlessly integrated management console.

For retail businesses, restaurant businesses, and any other business requiring a POS system, Cliqbux is the back-end solution that you’ve been waiting for.


Manage Your Business Our
Cloud-Based POS

Cloud-Based POS System

Cliqbux is fully cloud-based and offers users unlimited accessibility.

Supports iOS and Android

Drive efficiency in your business through all of the advanced features that iOS and Latest Android OS has to offer through our provided POS systems.

Cayan API Integrations

Always be sure that you’re offering your customers the very best customer experience possible through a simple payment system.

Inventory Management

Never lose track of your products – and with Cliqbux, we’ll take care of it all!

Management Console

Make managing your business easier than ever before through Cliqbux!

Using The Technology of Tomorrow, Today

As a business owner, your goal should always be to adopt cutting-edge and innovative technology that is specifically designed to improve organizational efficiency all across the board. Why? Because the world moves fast! And if it moves too fast for your business, you could find yourself behind the eight ball while your competition continues to convert and drive profits.

With Cliqbux, we’ve developed an advanced POS system that uses the technology of tomorrow, today, so that your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

Whether it be our cloud-based system, our back-end solutions, or our integrated payment software, Cliqbux has the right technology to help your business succeed.

Take a look at everything Cliqbux can do!


Supporting Retail’s Best Integrated Payment Applications

It’s certainly been said before – no two businesses are ever alike. And for that very reason, we’re proud to work with our clients to ensure that we provide you with the right type of hardware that works best for your business.

Forget about the old days of separate systems and devices for separate tasks – this is the future. This is the digital age. This is Cliqbux!

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