Ingredient Management

Streamline Your Ingredient Inventory with Cliqbux POS

Our Ingredient Management system allows you to easily keep track of all the ingredients used in your business. You can create an ingredient list, update it regularly, and track the quantity of each ingredient in real-time. With our system, you can avoid inventory waste, reduce costs, and streamline your ordering process by knowing exactly how much of each ingredient you need to reorder.

Make Recipe Creation a Breeze

Cliqbux POS allows you to create recipes for your menu items and automatically deducts the appropriate amount of each ingredient from your inventory when the recipe is used to fulfill an order. This not only saves time, but it also ensures consistency in your dishes and helps you avoid running out of critical ingredients during service. Plus, you can easily modify recipes as needed, and our system will adjust the inventory levels accordingly.

Never Run Out of Key Ingredients Again

With our Ingredient Management system, you can set up low inventory alerts to notify you when the quantity of an ingredient falls below a specific threshold. This ensures that you never run out of key ingredients during service, which can harm your business’s reputation and cause a loss of revenue. With the ability to quickly reorder ingredients, you can stay on top of your inventory and keep your business running smoothly.