How to Return/Exchange


Step 1

Go to New Sales, input desired orders of the customer. Once done click Check Out.




Step 2

Once done, click whether Cash or Credit of the amount to be checked out.




Step 3

Then go to CliqBux Dashboard and click Sales then click on Today’s Sales and Go To Order.




Step 4

Once done then click the Burger Icon at the upper right side. Then click Return.




Step 5

Once done click the desired item/order to return. Then click NEXT. 




Step 6

Then Select Reason. Then Click whether to Refund or Change the order for another order.




Step 7

For the Return Button it will automatically refund the order either Cash or Credit Card and then click Refund.



Step 8

For the Exchange button it will automatically transfer you to the order Store Dashboard and the item/order that you exchange will have a mark Returned.




Then you can choose another item to replace the previously entered item/order. E.g. Tinta Rice is the new item/order in exchange for Calamares. Once done click Check Out.



Step 9

Then Enter the amount to be paid if there’s an excess. If ever it’s the same price as the exchange item/order then click cash/credit card.




Step 10

Once the transaction is done the Balance Due will automatically become 0.00. Then Click Close.