How to setup Gift Card

Make sure you already have Gift Card product on your store. If not, You need to create Gift card by following instructions below

Step 1

Login to your store cliqbuxone domain then go to products then Products

Step 2 Click Product action and press Add New

Step 3 Fill all the fields and make sure the “Is Gift Card ” and “Custom Product” was checked then click save.

Step 4 Sync it on the POS so that the new product will be added


How Activate a Gift Card

 Step 1 . Choose the Gift Card item you created

Step 2 . Put the amount for that gift card

Step 3 . Put the Gift Card number (via swipe or barcode scanner)



Step 3 . Press Checkout and once done it will save the information on the web.

Gift card will store on the web. Just go to Settings > Gift Card


Information stored on the web

To check the balance you need to click here

And it will show the balance

Gift Card as a Payment 

NOTE : Enable first the Giftcard as payment just Go to settings > payments and enable Gift Card

  1. Select ordered items as usual.

  1. When checking out, look for the Gift Card payment option.

  1. Scan or input gift card information manually.

  1. Notice the current balance before the checkout. Select Pay.

  1. After payment is processed, new gift card balance will be displayed.

 Check your balance