How to fix the barcode scanner

Wired Barcode scanner


Step 1

Restart the POS and check if it is working again.


Bluetooth Barcode scanner


Step 1

(Repair the Bluetooth Device) Go to POS settings > Connected Devices


Step 2

If it is already Paired, click on that Device and click Forget then start pairing it again.
Please make sure it is the same device when you are pairing again. Also, make sure it is the Keyboard Icon and the name starts with socket[number].


{image here}


(If the Device name is still not showing as one of the paired devices do the things below)

Step 3

Hold the Trigger button and the Power Off button at the same time until it will turn off/powers off.

Step 4

Turn on the Scanner and scan this barcode below and you can hear 3 Beeps.


Step 5

Wait until the socket[number] will show on the paired device.


Step 6

check if the Barcode Scanner is working again.